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About Us

Mission Statement

Illinois FC aims to offer all young players the opportunity to reach their full potential in soccer by providing them a safe, fun and challenging environment in which to do so, through a structured training program that prepares them for the demands of high school, ODP or collegiate competition. We are committed to identifying, recruiting and promoting the education of the best youth soccer coaches in Champaign-Urbana and its surrounding communities, as well as providing opportunities for year-round play, in hopes of fostering a life-long passion for the sport on the part of all our members. We believe that soccer has a unique capacity to foster the positive physical, cognitive and social development of our children. In so doing, we strive to enhance the respectability and identity of the club within our greater community, and hope that we might be a source of pride beyond our membership alone.

Statement of Values

Illinois FC is dedicated to promoting the following values through participation in its programs:

  1. Friendship and support of others through an emphasis on teamwork.
  2. The benefit of competition and goal-setting through a proper understanding of the lessons learned from both victory and defeat.
  3. Developing a sense of commitment and bonding between parents, children and their community.
  4. The importance of attitude, acceptance and communication in achieving personal success.
  5. The importance of personal accountability in achieving group success.
  6. The development of character and courage through an honest and disciplined investment in a collective enterprise.

We further are dedicated to an organizational structure and club atmosphere patterned after traditional  soccer clubs from around the world, where each and every member has a genuine and enduring obligation to promote the success of every other member, because we believe that model is best suited to teaching the values described above.

Join Us!

Illinois FC is always looking for new players to expand the club and to fill slots on existing teams. Girls aged fourteen and younger are, historically, in great demand to fill the rosters of our club teams. For teams aged nine and up the club uses tryouts and skills assessments conducted by the Director of Coaching and Illinois FC coaching staff to place players on teams. The club typically finds a place on a suitable team for most players, especially in the younger age groups. In addition, we offer the role of "practice player," which involves less money and travel, but lets the players train with our competitive teams and develop their soccer skills in hopes of future success in recreational, club, or high school soccer.

Illinois FC teams are formed after tryouts in June and those teams stay together for the entire year (fall, winter, & spring seasons). High school aged boys and girls play club soccer for one season: girls in the fall and boys in the spring. Most players join the club during formal tryouts. Players who wish to join the club but cannot attend an official tryout and/or move to town in mid-season should contact the Illinois FC Director of Coaching.

Youth Sexual Abuse Prevention

Designated Representatives to receive report of sexual abuse or other inappropriate contact:

Director of Coaching, (217) 344-9174