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Illinois FC

2019-2020 Regular Season

Illinois FC Concussion Policy

Concussions are a very serious injury, and Illinois FC is dedicated to making our coaches, players, and parents aware that they must be treated accordingly.

If a player suffers a head injury and shows any signs of a concussion or it is suspected they might have a concussion, that player will be removed immediately and must sit out the remainder of the game or training session.

The coach, player, and parent/guardian must all complete the IYSA concussion form. This form must be signed by all parties. One copy will be kept by Illinois FC, and one copy will be given to the player's family.

In order to return to play a player must give their coach or the Illinois FC office a copy of a signed doctors note clearing them to resume playing soccer.


For occurrences during CIYSL league games a copy of the IYSA Notification Form must also be submitted to the CIYSL league office.

CDC- Heads Up Youth Sports Concussion Information

Want to be CDC HEADS UP! Concussion Certified?