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Illinois FC

Fall Season 2019-2020
2019-2020 x Fall Season

Europe Trips for Illinois FC Players

Illinois FC is committed to providing additional opportunities for players to grow their love for the game, find new experiences, and grow as a person.  We have partnered with Generation Adidas International to provide opportunities for our players to travel overseas to Europe over the summer to play soccer and experience a new culture.

Summer 2019- U14GO Belgium & France Trip

The U14GO team will be traveling to Belgium & France during the Summer of 2019. They will participate in training sessions with the Royal Belgian Football Association & Club Brugge, play matches against local teams, and attend two Women's World Cup knock-out round matches. 

Summer 2018- U13BO & U15BO Spain Trip

The U13BO and U15BO teams traveled to Spain during the Summer of 2018. They participated in a training session at the Real Madrid Academy, as well as in the Donosti Cup in San Sebastian, playing teams from around the world.