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Illinois FC

Fall Season 2019-2020

Europe Trips for Illinois FC Players

Illinois FC is committed to providing additional opportunities for players to grow their love for the game, find new experiences, and grow as a person.  We have partnered with Generation Adidas International to provide opportunities for our players to travel overseas to Europe over the summer to play soccer and experience a new culture.

Summer 2019- U14GO Belgium & France Trip

The U14GO team will be traveling to Belgium & France during the Summer of 2019. They will participate in training sessions with the Royal Belgian Football Association & Club Brugge, play matches against local teams, and attend two Women's World Cup knock-out round matches. 

Summer 2018- U13BO & U15BO Spain Trip

The U13BO and U15BO teams traveled to Spain during the Summer of 2018. They participated in a training session at the Real Madrid Academy, as well as in the Donosti Cup in San Sebastian, playing teams from around the world.