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Volunteer Information

2 October 2011

Dear Illinois FC parents:

Attached is the final list of volunteer assignments, assignment locations, and assignment times, for the upcoming Fall Cup tournament on October 7-9, 2011.  Also attached is an updated set of job descriptions for the different volunteer duties.


A few families who put down Grill or Concessions as their volunteer preferences will find that they have been assigned a volunteer duty (usually Runner) they didn't select on their preference forms.  This is because Einstein Bagels will be running concessions at the Main Site this year, so we will have no grill and only a small concessions operation at the Multiplex Fields.  If you have problems with this reassignment, please let me know, but I hope you understand the situation and are willing to be a little flexible.

Please let me know ( as soon as possible if you have questions about, or problems with, your assignments.

Thanks in advance for your important contributions to running a successful Fall Cup tournament!

Lance Cooper

Volunteer Coordinator