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2019 Spring Invite Registration


Please use the Got Soccer link below to access your team pages for our tournament:


We have transitioned to a fully online registration and document submission system. After you have registered for the tournament, please use the instructions below to upload required team documentation.  



Required Documentation

The following documents are required to be eligible for the tournament:

The deadline for the online document submission in 4/26/19. 


1 Copy ofSanctioned Tournament Roster listing our event
1 Copy of your official, stamped state association Roster
Player Cards (one laminated pass for each player includes photo and name)
if needed: Guest player forms (only if using guest players from a different club - limit of 4 per team) - actual cards not printouts

US CLUB teams only
1 Copy of the IYSA Medical Release Form for each player
Coaches concussion and background check form.

All Out of State Teams
1 Permit to Travel (out-of-state teams only, from your state association)

**You will be required to provide copies of the above required documents to us digitally before the online document submission deadline or you must bring hard copies to our on-site team check-in. There will be NO copy machine available.**

Am I an IYSA or USClub team?

IYSA Clubs have a version of the following logo on their player cards and official state roster

IYSA logo

Am I an IYSA or USClub team?

US Clubs have this logo on their official state roster and player cards:

US Soccer Club



ONLINE Document Submission:

We are moving to full online checkin for our tournaments.  You will need to  upload all required registration documents through the Got Soccer portal by April 26, 2019. You will need to provide these document at our on-site checkin after this date.

Copies of the player cards need to include a picture of the player on the card.

Your uploaded documents need to be separated into individual files by type, not one big PDF file so we can verify them.

Please note, your uploaded documents need to be approved.  Just uploading them does not mean you have completed registration.  Your documents will receive a verified status once we have approved them, and you will get an email when your registration is complete.  

On-Site Document Submission Information

Friday, May 3 from 4:30-9 p.m.

Main Tournament Site (Florida and Lincoln fields only.)  Teams must be registered 1 hour before their first game located at the main site.  If you are at the outdoor center, you should complete registration 2 hours prior to your first game (or Friday night for teams playing early Saturday morning.

 Teams who have not completed document registration prior to their first game will not be allowed to compete until the complete paperwork is verified and accepted.  Games will not be delayed.