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2021 Spring Season Registration

Please use the following link to register your athlete for the Spring 2021 season:

This registration process must be complete before practice begins March 22nd.  

Information regarding registration can be found at

Practice Location


Champaign County Park District: Dodds Park

The field layout for Dodds park is pictured below. Take note of the labeled practice groups and their locations.

For more specific information regarding Dodds Park please visit

IFC Return-to-Play Guidelines

Below you will find IFC's 2020-21 Return-to-Play guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with these protocols before the first week of practice. 

IFC Spring 2021 Program Fees

Please refer to the document below regarding IFC's Spring 2021 Program Fees. We have recently adapted our financial due structure to account for the recent restrictions in youth programming. 

Illinois FC Scholarship Application

In order to be considered for an IFC Scholarship, applicants must submit the form below and email it to 

What to expect on your first day of practice?

1. Please arrive at Dodd's park 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your sanctioned practice session. Dodd’s park is located at 1501 N Mattis Ave, Champaign, IL 61821. See picture below:

  • Parking is available at the yellow x’s
  • IFC administration will be housed at the black circle near the pavilion
  • Field allocations are labeled accordingly. Please see the training schedule for your specific athlete’s practice location

2. Upon entering the facilities, we ask that you wear a mask and maintain social distancing. IFC administration will be located at the center walkway to lead you through any necessary procedures. 

3. IFC asks that members familiarize themselves with our return-to-play guidelines prior to attending their first practice session. After athletes are escorted (or directed) to their respected field, we ask that all parents return to their cars. Only IFC staff and sanctioned volunteers are permitted on the fields at this time. 

4. All fields will be evaluated and cleaned prior to the start of practice

5. Sanitizer stations and disposal sites will be set up near Field 4

6. As outlined in our Return-to-play guidelines, all athletes will undergo a pre-screening process via coaching staff

7. If you have any specific questions please refer to the administration at our welcome table at the entrance. 

  • Coaching  curriculum questions will be noted and directed to Lyle
  • Administration matters will be directed to Kaleigh 

For more info contact:

IFC Administrator

Phone: (217) 344-9174

Spanish speakers are available upon request.